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Damei Kingmech

Company Development Timeline:


Establishment in 2008:

Founded in July 2008, our company began as a foreign trade enterprise primarily focused on the export of water pumps. Our core product line included slurry pumps, API610 pumps, and chemical pumps. With an initial staff of 3-5 individuals, we achieved an annual sales revenue of approximately $1 million USD. Our key markets included Chile, Russia, and Southeast Asia. Notably, we provided a 14/12 metal pump to PHLIEX in the Philippines for testing purposes.


Breakthrough in 2009:

In 2009, our 14/12 pump completed an impressive 3,200-hour operation, transporting 7 million tons of ore. It surpassed renowned foreign and domestic competitors during celebrations for 6 prominent mining brands. This achievement secured our position as a designated supplier for the mine, resulting in over a decade of continuous supply. During this period, we embarked on the development of pumps utilizing titanium materials, successfully supplying mines operated by Chilean and British-American mining companies.


Expansion in 2010:

By 2010, our workforce had grown to 10-20 employees, prompting us to lease a 500-square-meter warehouse for in-house assembly. We initially focused on assembling 10/8 and 14/12 rubber slurry pumps.


Milestone Projects in 2011:

2011 marked a pivotal year as we secured a successful bid for a grinding mill expansion project at CODELCO's Chuquicamata, the largest copper mine in Chile. Our contribution included the provision of 5 units of 20/18 slurry pumps.


Facility Growth from 2012 Onwards:

From 2012 onwards, we initiated the construction of Phase I of our Wuji Factory. This facility comprised a 2,400-square-meter assembly workshop and machining workshop.


Production and Advancements in 2013:

The year 2013 witnessed the commencement of production at the Wuji Factory, where we acquired equipment such as lathes, boring machines, and drills. Furthermore, we established a testing platform capable of handling flows of 1,500 cubic meters and 200 kW. Our team grew to 30 members, resulting in sales reaching $5 million USD. Expanding our reach, we entered the markets of the UK, Australia, and Argentina.


Global Engagements in 2015 and 2016:

In 2015, our achievements extended globally as we supplied 3 of the world's largest vertical titanium pumps, each measuring 11 meters in length and weighing over 3.5 tons, for a wet copper smelting project in northern Chile. The project's value exceeded $1 million USD.


Collaboration with Indonesia's TORISHIMA in 2015 resulted in the successful completion of 2 large vertical water pumps featuring an 800mm diameter and a remarkable flow rate of 7,000 cubic meters per hour, powered by an 800 kW motor. The achieved testing efficiency of 89% surpassed the design efficiency by 3 percentage points.


Strategic Expansion in 2016:

In 2016, we embarked on Phase II construction of the Wuji Factory, encompassing a 2,200-square-meter integrated office building and a 1,600-square-meter polyurethane and finishing workshop.


Technological Advancements in 2020 and 2021:

The year 2020 brought significant recognitions, including being honored as a provincial-level technology-oriented small and medium-sized enterprise. In a show of support, we donated 30,000 masks to aid Chile's COVID-19 efforts and received an anti-epidemic certificate from the Chilean Embassy. Notably, we secured a project valued over $2 million USD, involving over 20 vertical sulfuric acid pumps for Russia's EUROCHEM fertilizer plant. Our independently developed 500mm caliber, 40-meter depth, 1,600 kW underwater pump successfully commenced operations for Indonesia's PT Timah.


Recent Achievements and Milestones:

By 2021, our 20/18 pump components underwent rigorous on-site operational tests, successfully completing 5,000 hours of continuous operation.


The year 2022 marked a milestone as we unveiled new products, including AHPP and MCU, to replace existing models. Sales soared past the $10 million USD mark. Our contribution to Chuquicamata, the largest copper mine of CODELCO in Chile, included the design of a specialized slurry pump and API610 pump (350VSD). This solution smoothly sailed through a year-long operational test, securing 4 new pump orders. Notably, our achievement surpassed years of unsuccessful testing by renowned global companies.


Current Successes in 2023:

As of 2023, our endeavors continue to flourish. We successfully delivered 6 units of 20/18 pumps and a 700UOL pump featuring a 3500 kW shaft power, weighing over 40 tons, to a prominent mining operation. Additionally, we accomplished the delivery of the world's largest drainage slurry pump for the CCC copper mine in the Philippines. With a flow rate of 1360 cubic meters per hour and a lift of 190 meters, powered by a 1250 kW diesel engine, this monumental achievement showcased our capabilities. Moreover, our engineering excellence enabled us to sign a contract for 750CFD pumps, a testament to our innovative prowess.


Throughout our journey, we consistently set and exceeded records in terms of single-stage lift for slurry pumps, maximum single-piece weight, and the weight of mining equipment.




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