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  • Name: API610 BB4 Pump RMD Model Radially Split Muti-stage duty
  • Model: 1202.4.1
  • Head: 740-2150m
  • Capacity: 100-580m3/h
  • Pump type: Horizontal
  • Media: Oil
  • Material: Carbon steel,chrome steel

RMD high pressure multistage centrifugal pumps are used for water injection in oil field or pumping any other high pressure liquid.
Performance range 
Capacity:100 to 580m3/h
Head:740 to 2150m
The pumps are sectional caing,multi-stage centrifugal pumps. The suction casing,stage casing and discharge casing are rigidly held together by the bolts.The suctioin can be either horizontal or up direction. The joints between these casings are primarily sealed by means of metal-metal contact.Simultaneously, 0-rings are used as auxiliary seals..
The forged pieces can be used for the suction, stage and discharge casings of thype RMD high pressure mulitistage centrifugal pumps.
Shaft sealing
The shafts of these pumps are sealed by soft-packing and cooled by cooling water. In the region of shaft sealing,the pump shaft is protected by renewable sleeve.
The mechanical seal can be used according to the customers' requirement.
Bearings and axial balancing device.
The rotating assembly is supported by sliding bearings on both ends of the pump shaft. The bearings of pump are forced-lubricated. The oil supply system is equipped for type RMDPump. The axial thrust of rotor is balanced by balance disc. And the thrust bearing is also provided which is used to bear extra axial force caused by the change of working conditions.
The pump is directly driven by the motor through the coupling. The gear, membrane coupling and hydraulic coupling can be used according to customers' requirements. The pump can be driven by turbine of motor. 
The rotating direction of pump is clockwise when viewed from the driving end.
Suction casing,discharge casing,diffuser and impeller:carbon steel of chrome steel.
Shaft,wear ring and diffuser bush:chromic alum steel of API610 standard. 


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