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products detail
  • Name: API610 OH2 Pump-CMD Model
  • Model: 1202.4
  • Head: 0-300m
  • Capacity: 0-2600m3/h
  • Pump type: Horizontal
  • Media: Liquid of Petrochemical industry
  • Material: Cast steel, SS304, SS316, SS316Ti, SS316L, CD4MCu, Titanium, Titanium Alloy, Hastelloy Alloy

CMD Series Chemical Pump Design 

Single stage, horizontal, radially split volute casing pumps with feet on centerline and single entry radial impeller, , axially suction, radially discharge. Depending on operating conditions hydraulic balance holes. Casing cover with cooling or heating connections, shaft sealing by packings or mechanical seals of any design(single or double working), connections for cooling, flushing or sealing liquid. Standardized pipework according to API plans.
Cooling of baseplate pedestal possible. Flanges possible according to DIN or ANSI. Same nominal pressure for suction and discharge flanges.
Direction of rotation clockwise seen from driven end.

Application ranges

For pumping clean, slightly polluted, cold, hot, chemically neutral or aggressive media.
 In refineries, petrochemical industry, coal processing and low temperature engineering.
 In chemical industry, paper industry, pulp industry, sugar industry and general processing industries.
 In water industry, seawater desalination plants.
 In heating and air-conditioning.
 Power plants.
 In environmental protection engineering.
 In ship and offshore industries.


Pumping Medium

1.Sulphric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid for organic acid and inorganic acid which at various temperature and concention.
2.Sodium Hydroxide, sodium carbonate and alkaline liquid at various temperature and concentration.
3.All kinds of salt solution.
4.Various liquid petrochem chemical products, organic compound as well as raw materials with corrosion behavious and the products.
At present, anti-corrosive materials for pumps provided by our plant can meet all the requirements of the medium mentioned above.
Please provide the detail service conditions for the pump to us, when you order.
1.Design and maintenance standard complying with process industry is ensured. Rapid disassembly or assembly. Disassembly without removal of pipework and driver.
2.Only 7 bearing frames for 48 sizes.Same hydraulics(impellers) and bearing frames as for light or medium duty series CHZ
3.Low branch velocity, low noise level.Due to additional primary measures at impeller, long rated life of casings.
4.Casing joint cannot break.Optimum compliance with various operating conditions, closed  impeller with high efficiency, low NPSHR
5.Optimum compliance with various operating conditions, closed  impeller with high efficiency, low NPSHR.
6.When casing and impeller wear rings and shaft seal are subject to wear, casing, impeller and shaft can be reused .Small wear of casing and impeller wear rings due to absence of solids.
7.Stable, aligning shaft position, robust shaft with small shaft deflection, few components .Few bearing checks required .No cooling water pipework

Economic consideration

1.High reliability and interchangeablility .Short shut-down .Low maintenance cost
2.Few components, economic spare part stockkeeping, low stockkeeping costs.
3.Long rated life of antifricition bearings, long rated life of shaft seals, short time for shutting- down, low maintenance costs higher efficiency, low operating
4. Low costs for pipework support and sound protection, low spare part and repair costs, high reliability.
5.High reliability of pumps, low maintenance periods, low energy costs due to careful pump selection.Small investment costs for plants.
6.Considerable saving of repair and spare part stockkeeping costs, short repair periods.
7.Long rated life of packings or mechanicals seals.Short shut downs.Easy maintenance, low operating costs.No investment costs for cooling system