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Clients: Chuquicamata of codelco chile

Number of visits: Date:2017-03-22

Clients: Chuquicamata of codelco chile (The beggest copper mining in the world)

Working position: Procedure puls

Supplier: Damei kingmech

Model of Pump: 250x3200F-HAD With 200kw WEG motor.

Parameters: Q=500m3/h, H= 63m,n=825rpm,Eff.=75%,P=132kw

Material: Rubber liner with metal impellers.

Seal: Aesseal mechanical seal flush system API52

Impeller: High efficiency impeller(without back vanes) max Eff.=81%

Installation date: March,2011.

Working life: More than half years without changing any wet parts.

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